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We are the TLA - Troops Legend Racing Apparel.

We represent a dynamic and energetic lifestyle and we are passionate about two-wheeled machines! Whether it's Motocross, Enduro, Downhill, track or desert or just a trail to the top of the mountain. That's us.

We like a simple style with an eye to the past.

We have come out of the fray and want you to discover a bit of our history by inviting you to live with us in this adventure.

If you want to be original and not follow mass fashions, follow our style.

Help us continue that vintage style that's also yours.

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Maillots et sac Vmx Motocross Style Classique.
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Our bespoke, high quality products are currently designed in Briançon, France and then handcrafted in Italy. Our products are slightly more expensive, but for legitimate reasons. Many clothing brands choose to produce their products in countries where workers are exploited and production rules and regulations are neglected. Production is also not regulated by modern Western standards. We don't want to contribute in this way, in order to earn a few extra pennies. A fair way of doing business also means that the manufacturer and the customer must take responsibility for the purchase of a product.