About us

We are a growing company originally founded in Italy, about an hours drive from the French/Italian border in the southern Alps. We have over 12 years experience in the production of personalised clothing and accessories for events, businesses, sponsors and various sports. We use top quality materials and fabrics and hand make our clothing to a very high standard. We use a technique of printing, called sublimation, that allows us to print, the water-based inks directly into the fibres of the material.


After success in Italy, we have now opened an office in Briançon, France. 


We create clothing for a wide range of both winter and summer sports. With our French office, based in Briançon, in the french alps, we share your passion and love of sports. By winter, we love to ski freeride, on and off-piste and enjoy playing ice hockey. In summer we get our kicks from mountain biking the many trails on our doorstep and taking the motorbike for a spin over the many famous mountain roads in the area. 


We believe good quality, comfortable, high-tech clothing is vital for optimal enjoyment. The fully personalised designs really help to promote your business, sporting club, event, sponsor etc. and we believe they look cool too!


Don't hesitate to contact us to find out more. 

We are a company that designs and produces personalised, tailor-made, custom clothing for a range of both summer and winter sports, as well as clothing and accessories for teams, crew, events, models, grid-girls, umbrella girls and paddocks.


We have over 12 years experience in the production of custom, hand-made clothing and accessories.


We produce clothing and many other products and accessories, all fully customised with the colours and logo of your sports team, association, business, club, training school, company, client, sponsor etc.


We specialise in production, starting from the blank material/fabric and from there we create your personalised clothing using a technique of sublimation. This technique allows us to print the water-based inks directly into the fibres of the fabric.


We collaborate with many national and international brands and create the ideal clothing to promote the image of your team, club, company, event, sponsor etc.


Our custom made, high quality products are currently designed in Briançon, France, and are then hand-made in Italy. If we receive a positive response here in France, we will also move production here. This makes our products very slightly more expenisve but for very real and legitimate reasons. Many clothing brands choose to produce their products in countries where workers are exploited and rules and regulations on production are neglected. Production is also not regulated by modern Western standards. We do not want to contribute in this way, in order to make a few extra pennies. A fair way of doing business also means that the manufacturer and the customer must take responsibility for the purchase of a product.